Our Current Studies

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The goal of this study aims to gain perspective on young adults’ views on technology based interventions for heavy drinking. Utilizing 3 technologies designed to moderate drinking and educate participants about their blood alcohol concentration (BAC), this multi-modal intervention tests the efficacy of such techniques on curbing heavy drinking in young adults.

Currently recruiting participants


This study is designed to develop and test a mobile intervention to reduce sexual risk behavior and HIV infection among young adults assigned male at birth who have sex with other males. The study involves technology based intervention combining interactive voice response (IVR) and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to increase the intended positive impact on participants.

Currently recruiting participants

Less is More

The goal of this study is to develop and test a scalable, mobile version of contingency management for alcohol in adults living with HIV. The intervention will occur across two phases during which participants are compensated for not drinking in varying ways.

Recruiting participants in Florida only


This study is designed to measure how impulsivity, measured through computer-based cognitive tasks and self-reports, is related to subjective responses to alcohol. Methods include use of intravenous alcohol administration and an ecological momentary assessment (EMA). Ultimately, the study findings are intended to provide insight to the causes of alcohol misuse in young adults.

Not recruiting participants at this time

Game Time Decision

The purpose of this study is to test an alcohol-related smartphone application designed to provide assistance during actual drinking situations to help young adults reduce their drinking. 

Data collection completed